Monday, November 15, 2010

Dream Dinners Lawsuit Settled!

As some of you know, I previously owned a Dream Dinner's franchise, from 11/05 until 6/08.  The photo above is of my store at Lakeland Town Center, at Lakeland Hills in Auburn Washington.  If you haven't heard of it, Dream Dinners was the original meal assembly business that provided a way for you to put together a month's worth of family dinners, without having to buy all the ingredients, and messing up your kitchen. I had been a customer, and I loved the concept, and thought I could start a new career that seemed to be so profitable. Long story..... but, basically, it wasn't profitable for 80% of the stores, and after 3 years, I had to close. At the height of Dream Dinners glory days, they had about 280 stores across the country. I am hearing that they now have 109 stores open, and more will close when their store leases expire.

Several of the franchisees sued Dream Dinners in 2008, for 30 million dollars. I didn't join the lawsuit, because Dream Dinners hired a hot shot CEO named Darin Leonard in January 2008, and I thought he had what it would take to turn the company around. He didn't.

I read online tonight that the lawsuit has been settled: Franchise Times Nov/Dec 2010

I just want to say "Congratulations" to my fellow Dream Dinners franchise owners! I hope they got every penny they wanted, they had a strong case, and deserved it. Maybe I should have joined the lawsuit, but I'm fine with the choice I made, and I am happy to be out of the Dream Dinners company!

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