Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Get Attached!

I don’t know why, but I get attached to people!  Not to the creepy point, not stalker-ish, but it is attachment just the same! 

When I was in grade school, I heard the Beatles, I think it was 3rd grade, and it was” Hello Goodbye”, I was hooked on the Beatles.  When I hear that song, I vividly remember sitting in the back seat of my parents car, listening.  I am surprised though, because my parents weren't Beatles fans, I think it just randomly came on the radio!


In 7th grade, I started watching “Alias Smith and Jones” on TV.  It was on every Thursday night, for a couple of years.  I had a major crush on Pete Duel, who played Hannibal Hayes.  I mean, this was a HUGE crush! My parents took me to Universal Studios in 1971 around Christmas time, which is where they filmed the show.  We toured, I saw some of the sets, and even better, I saw them filming (from far away)!  The next morning, we went to breakfast, and it was all over the news.  Pete Duel was dead!!  He shot himself.  I was devastated.  My parents didn’t know what to do or say.  It was as if I had lost a close family member!  (I still LOVE Pete Duel)

In high school, I liked a lot of rock and roll bands, but in early high school, I loved Three Dog Night!  My favorite was Cory Wells!  I went to two of their concerts, screamed my head off, in a young teenage girl kind of way!  I finally met Cory Wells when I was about 35!  I also named my son Corey (not spelled the same, but still…)   Later in high school, I loved Aerosmith.  They were really bad boys!  They actually kinda scared me, but I went to every concert they held in Seattle! Even now, when I want to rock out while cleaning my house, I put on some old Aerosmith!  (That and AC/DC!)

As an adult, I still loved music, still loved the Beatles, and after John Lennon died, I started collecting Beatles memorabilia.  I have quite a collection!  But, I was listening to the radio a lot, and one radio program hooked me.  It was Pat Cashman!  I listened to him every morning on the way to work.  I felt like I knew him, and he was a friend.  Then one day, he was just gone! That's radio for you!  One time at a fundraiser, he was MC'ing, and I told him I loved his radio show and listened all the time!  He said, "Oh, YOU were the one!!!"


 I fell into a funk, who would I listen to now?  I didn’t listen to the radio for a while, but one day, I was working, and I had heard someone talk about this radio show they liked, and the funny Twisted Tunes, so I searched on the radio dial, and eventually, I found the Bob Rivers Show.  Again, I was hooked.  I loved him and his crew!  I found something in each person to relate to.  Bob is my age, his kids were the same age as mine, he reminded me of my husband, Rick in a lot of ways!  Spike was having teenager trouble with his daughter, which I was having with my son, and could empathize with.  Joe’s daughter is the exact same age as my niece, and is interested in singing, just like my niece.  Again, I felt like they were good friends of mine. They went off the air for a while, and I paniced!  I went to their listener parties, and they said they would be back, so that soothed me a little!  They did come back, and in total, I listened to them for 12 years!


 Today, Bob Rivers retired.  I am so sad, and I cried.  My friends are leaving me again!  I know, I know, get a life!  I do have real friends, but these people were my friends too.  I will miss them greatly!


I wonder who I will attach to now?!!

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