Monday, January 9, 2017

Turkey Neck

I read a book several years ago by Nora Ephron called, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”! It was a good book, she was a very funny writer, but at the time I didn’t really relate to the neck part. Around the same time, I would hear men on radio shows talk about older women and their “turkey” necks, and how it made them look so old and unattractive. Pissed off, I changed the station and quit listening to them, but the comment stayed with me!
About 2 years ago, maybe more, I started noticing my neck in photos! Then I started fixating on it and trying to diminish the wrinkly loose skin by standing taller, elongation my neck, and learning how to disguise it better with clothes. But, there it was, the neck Nora Ephron wrote about, on me!!

(Side Note: I just saw this "remedy" for turkey neck!! 😉  )

If you watch the Kardashians or the Real Housewives, you’ll see that they live a whole different life than you and me. Their whole focus is their looks! They spend their time on hair, makeup, full time exercising and cosmetic procedures all with the goal of staying young. It seems that in LA, if you are not young and beautiful, you are irrelevant. The problem is, eventually with enough cosmetic procedures they just look alien, not young. They go too far to be something that they ultimately cannot be, …young!

If you look at magazines, you’ll see perfect people, with perfect skin, hair and bodies. But, you have to realize that these girls are in their 20's, and even then they are photo shopped to look perfect! So, you are chasing a goal that isn’t real either.
Even older movie stars are photo shopped, so you can’t really compare yourself to them. I tried to find pictures of stars necks, and there are some, but most are photo shopped out!
Diane Keaton can have turkey neck, but usually she dresses for it, and occasionally they photo shop it out.  She is still beautiful anyway!

Patti Hansen is a 60 year old former model, and she has turkey neck in some photos, but you would still call her beautiful, right? I would!!

Christy Brinkley’s neck is almost always photo shopped, but occasionally you can see the turkey neck. Of course she is still beautiful!
I started looking for pictures of real women who are older and don't try to look younger.....


(ok, she is a very successful model, but she looks like a gorgeous version of her age!)
...and they are beautiful!
So, I think we need real people as examples of beauty as we age.  Ultimately, I want to be healthy and happy, to have grace and elegance and I want to be a kind and thoughtful woman!
I don’t want to focus on my neck, so I won’t!
In fact, after looking at some of these older beautiful women, including my mother, I have decided that I am going to let my hair go gray. I’m hoping it will be pretty like my mom’s, but if not, I will just get a cool haircut!
There is so much we don’t know when we’re young! We were so judgmental about how people looked, including ourselves! What a waste of time!

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