Monday, March 6, 2017

On This Date in 1998

In 1997, I was going through a rough divorce. I had sold my house, and moved with my 9 year old son to an apartment in Auburn near his school. When I say it was rough, I mean that the man I was divorcing (X) could get very mean.  My close friends had been worried about me during the time I was with X, and they also said I was not allowed to choose my next boyfriend, because I didn’t pick so well!!  By 1998 I was feeling strong and independent, and my son was doing well in school. I wasn’t really thinking about dating, I was just happy to be free of all my problems with X.

All my friends were turning 40 that year, one by one, including me! One Saturday, one of my best friends invited me to a 40th birthday celebration of a mutual friend being held at the Firwood Tavern in Fife. That meant that I needed a babysitter. My other best friend (yes I have 2!!) offered to babysit so I said yes!  I met her there, because I knew I would probably leave before her to go get my son.
At the Firwood, the party I was with had a big long table to sit at, it took up a lot of room right near the dance floor! The band was loud, there were drinks and food, and as usual, we were loud with our laughing and talking! There were a few guys with us so others were dancing, but I wasn’t in to it.

One guy had the guts to walk up to this big loud table, look right at me, and ask me to dance. He was nice looking, had a smile on his face, and seemed like a good guy, so I said yes.  The band was playing “Brown Eyed Girl” and he was twirling me, and we were laughing, and then the song was over. I said thank you and went back to my table.
My friends at the table gathered around me and were all talking about what a nice guy he seemed to be. I said “yeah” but what I was thinking is “don’t be trying to fix me up or anything!!”

Later on, he asked me to dance again. I thought if I dance with him again, he might get the idea that I wanted to know him better. I did like him, but I was still dealing with X, and I didn’t want to get involved with anyone. I also didn’t want to be embarrassed by saying no to what seemed like a really good guy for no good reason. So, I danced with him again and it's funny but I don’t remember what song the band was playing this time! After the song was done, I said thank you again, and went back to my table.
I decided it was time for me to leave and go pick up my son. As I was getting up to walk out, he walked over and asked for my number. I said no, I am going through a divorce and I am not ready for that. He said okay, and I left.

I really didn’t think about it a whole lot. I went home smiling because someone showed an interest in me, but it really wasn’t a good time for me to meet anyone.

You might be wondering what ever happened to that guy?
I married him!
We met again several months later, by chance at the restaurant I used to go to for lunch when I was working. I kinda thought it was the guy from the Firwood, but he said no. Then one day, we were at a park for an outdoor concert, and the band (the same on from the Firwood Tavern) played “Brown Eyed Girl”! I was sitting next to him, and he was looking down, and then he looked up at me, and said, “It was YOU!” We both laughed and danced, and less than a year later, we were married.

Best decision I ever made.

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